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Why do people get mad over people being enthusiastic about things?

Why do people take it as a personal insult?

I don't understand such an attitude.

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Well isn't this annoying. I'm very tired of people getitng angry over people Liking their culture. What the hell? No not everyone is going to have an university degree in asain studies or whatever the hell is needed to be able to LIKE something without being glared at, mocked etc.
And it's not like being mocked for being a geek like back in high school. It's I'm going to rip out your spine through your mouth if you don't mind your own buisness type shit.

It's a multicultural society but damned if you can apreciate that multi part at any other time of the year except designated holidays! And don't you dare participate. Spectator Only!

*slams head against the wall*.. *repeatedly*
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Okay another reaosnw hy I'm so broke right now. I splurged.

Specificly on some new dolls with an old skool feel.

The first I saw in the window and adored instantly. Only thing i Don't like about her is the shoudlers of her dress and the plainess of the top of the dress. Little too square dancy for my taste. The rest is lovely. Her wig is very nice and soft. All golden brown ringlets. In a two tiered pink skirt and white lace ruffles, little white mary janes and lace stalkings. XD Squee! I adore her rose pink bonnet.
BUT... I think I shall practice my sewing skills by making her a new dress to better match the bonnet and more sophisticated a style. She seems more snobby elegant than her current look would sujest. I have decided to name her Suzette.

The second I didn't intend to buy but she caught my eye. Her wig is a MESS so I want to buy anew one for her. But her face is very classicly done and her dress os ADORABLE. The only thing I want to change is her shoes. I want her to be weairng boots and her shoes are rather poor quality. The dress is a dusty pale blue. All trimmed in Lovely off white venice lace. And her bonnet matches hte lace overlay of her dress. Just Lovely. A simple design but it Works.
She is deffinetely my favorite of the two. Technically I should have only bought her. ^_^;;
And she is dubbed Laura. ^___^
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This Icon is for Katiekat!!!

I've gotten so used to sleeping on the couch I've forgoten how I don't sleep well on it. At my parents I went to bed at three am. Fully expecting to sleep like I do at home. A good nine to ten hours. I woke up at eight. To silence since nobody was home and my cat was simply a warm furry blob at my side. Not meowing or anything. But fully refreshed. I didn't Need anymore sleep. I still slept in a bit more till nine though. XD It was comfortable and I also half asleep petted the kitty etc.

Makes me glad that even though I am BROKE barely going to make it past this month. I am going to have a room and my bed back. ^___^

I want to make this space more comfortable feeling. It's not THAT small. It only feel small cuz of clutter and a low roof. ((Horrible colors too))

Comfortbale to me is clean, airy and neat to be honest. Sad thing is my little corner is a MESS. But otherwise I've been doing good I think? Keeping on top of what I put down. Putting away things. Like hanging up my jacket, putting shoes away in the closet. >.> Still messy but I think I'll be able to better judge how messy I am once I have my own room to put clothing and personal items in. ^___^

But idea's for the space going along with WHITE WALLS. Anything else feels dungy and kinda gross with this dark space. It's old too so clean feeling would be nice! Mirrors to expand the space and reflect light everywhere. More lamps! I wnat lamps and a few end tables. A bookshelf that actually functions as a book shelf. UU;;

I think I'm going to save up a damage deposit. Set it aside. Than start looking for new places but not rushed. Just setting back dates etc as we go along. I'll ask my parents to take on the Willow pillow kitty for the transition. It's cheaper this way!
Because if we do move I want it to be NICE. Not dingy like this place. But nice and comfortable.

On a side note I might not have internet for a week or two due to lack of cash. I dunno how long if at all but I will barely scrape by with the bills this month I think. Just to let you all know! ^__^ I might be okay if I do well with tips. As is I'm dropping getting my hair done on Thursday... I'll weedle my way into Miya's good graces and ask he rto do it sometime soon. @_@ Roots are getting ginormous!

I wish Yuki would come on. She never emailed me to say if she was going to come or not. ;_;
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You know. The sad thing about places like McDonalds, Great Clips and other franchises/similair working places. Is that quality is merely an efficiant assembly line. There is no need for brilliance, talent, charm. You can be manager or head stylist with no real ability to do this. Hell they want to give ME management training. What the fuck? ME? Are they Crazy? O_o

You wont get anywhere with it. The managers make.. some what more than stylists. Most I cna make there as a stylist is 8.25 an hour. Beautiful isn't it? The manager makes 10.75 I think? True we CAN make commission but the reasources to do so are slim. Like learning how. UU;; I'm getitng somewhat better but I don't Really know how to use the products yet. Slowly learning what this and that does. It's trying to figure out what the person Needs that's hard. >.O

Also I don't talk. I am BAD at talking. Why I don't like phones too much. Small talk I am BAD at. XP
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It's far fetched but...

my birthday is coming up.

My biggest wish is..

to have friggin Kagrra albums!

I have ALL of Malice Mizers. ALL of their music. Do I have kagrra's? My favorite existing band? NO! Nothing! Burns yes. But that's cheap to an indies just barely major label band!

So I want Kagrra stuff. Desperately. Mostly the Gozen album and since. Not TOO fond of their beginer stuff. Gozen they just kicked off with. And the Hara urara single. *___* Fun song! *sings.. and spells badly* Machiwabita Hara urara ni hikari ga.. sashita? um.. I think... I dunno! Pwetty! *bounces*

So yeah. My firends.. all... five? six? of you? be nice? Onegai?,/

can also be bought at >.>

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