Ruka (ashna) wrote,

Murf... I'm tired. been tired all day so the tea party was a little less than exciting this time.
Half because I wasn't able to finish my outfit when the sewing needle broke. My cap and scarf made a good last minute subsitution when I couldn't get my loli jacket on over the velvet sleaves.

ugh I did too much this weekend. @_@ I'm broke with no bus pass. My bills are paid at least. And I'm pretty sure Miya had a good time on thursday and friday which is even better!

The lolita parties I'm still iffy on. The photoshoot party was ht ebest sofar that i cna think of. The rest I tend to be apathetic towards. Specially if none of my friends show up.

I just wanna start dressing up, finding nummydesert places and little tea houses and hanging out with peoples. ^___^ and being silly a lot. I like being silly.

*sigh* but I am glad others had fun! I hope. @_@

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