Ruka (ashna) wrote,

I've been acused of being a troll, a christain, homophobic etc etc etc


I don't get people.

How they can be so angry ALL the time.

The world isn't going to change over night, people aren't going to and as sure as HELL religion isn't going to. So why be so Angry about it.

All the most respected people I cna think of are pacifists. They Will die for their cause and do some pretty radical things to get their point across. They certainly did not go labeling others. They spoke of tolerance and exceptance and all that warm fuzzy junk.
Some were educated, most were in fact but not all.
Since many educated, very intelegent people become monsters. Like Hilter. Like a lot fo people I'm sure.

Ugh I'm so tired of people being angry. It just makes for situations that Aren't good.

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    *bangs head against the wall* I don't want to do this anymore...

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    Note for Yuki. Miya has her graduating dinner thing tonight so I might be later but i WILL be on eventually!!!

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