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Murf... I'm tired. been tired all day so the tea party was a little less than exciting this time.
Half because I wasn't able to finish my outfit when the sewing needle broke. My cap and scarf made a good last minute subsitution when I couldn't get my loli jacket on over the velvet sleaves.

ugh I did too much this weekend. @_@ I'm broke with no bus pass. My bills are paid at least. And I'm pretty sure Miya had a good time on thursday and friday which is even better!

The lolita parties I'm still iffy on. The photoshoot party was ht ebest sofar that i cna think of. The rest I tend to be apathetic towards. Specially if none of my friends show up.

I just wanna start dressing up, finding nummydesert places and little tea houses and hanging out with peoples. ^___^ and being silly a lot. I like being silly.

*sigh* but I am glad others had fun! I hope. @_@

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*clings to internet*

I am back! Back back back!

My wallet is crying but I am back!

Now I shall read for a bit and check back randomly to see if peoples come on line

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Hey peoples!
Kits taking his computer friday morning.
It's a week till my paycheck.
I'll be back probably that weekend.
Gomen ne!!

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I've been acused of being a troll, a christain, homophobic etc etc etc


I don't get people.

How they can be so angry ALL the time.

The world isn't going to change over night, people aren't going to and as sure as HELL religion isn't going to. So why be so Angry about it.

All the most respected people I cna think of are pacifists. They Will die for their cause and do some pretty radical things to get their point across. They certainly did not go labeling others. They spoke of tolerance and exceptance and all that warm fuzzy junk.
Some were educated, most were in fact but not all.
Since many educated, very intelegent people become monsters. Like Hilter. Like a lot fo people I'm sure.

Ugh I'm so tired of people being angry. It just makes for situations that Aren't good.